Sunday, January 3, 2010

SMH wishing you .. "HeLLooo 2010~!! :)"

Olla SMH Friends~ :) and HeLLooo 2010~!! :)

Wishing all our SMH Friends and family a FABULOUS NEW YEAR..!! :)

SMH would like to kick-start the FABULOUS new year 2010 with several EVENTS and CONTEST throughout month of JanuAry 2010~ :)

HeLLooo 2010~!! CONTEST#1 : " I wish..I wish..I wish.." will be launched on 4/01/2010..stay tune on details of the contest and do participate to win SMH MYSTERY Gift~:)

SMH would like to THANK YOU again for your continous support throughout year 2009..

KeeP SupportiNG us for year 2010~~ !! :)

May this new year bring you and your loved ones HaPPiNeSS, JoY, LoVe and FabuLous SMH MeRChanDise..!!

TQ SMH Friends~ :)

SMH (^^)/

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