Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Announcement : SMH reservation policies

Olla SMH friends ~ :)

new update on SMH reservation policies~ :)
  • Only reserve an item if you're seriously thinking of purchasing it ..serious buyers only please..!!
  • Item reserved more than 10 days without any communication or update will be release to the public again :)
  • If you have reserved an item and need to cancel the reservation due to unforseen reason..we would appreaciate if you could let us know immediately ..please..
  • Buyers who often reserve an item, cancel it and then backout ..will no longer be given any priority to reserve an item ..and would no longer be eligble for any SMH events and contest in future..

We too are in support of YSK’s campaign–‘Say no to back out buyers!’

You are a backout buyer if ...
1. You reserve items and go "MIA" (i.e. stop replying e-mails)
2. You've confirmed you're buying the item, but cancel your order before payment
Thank you for your continous support~ :)
SMH (^^)/

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