Friday, January 8, 2010

SMH Event "HeLLOooo 2010~!! " : "Lets FaLL in LoVe with CoLouRs of DKNY~" :)

Olla SMH Friends~ :)

Another SMH "HeLLOooo 2010~!! " event have arrived :)

DKNY (Dona Karan New York) is a prestigious fashion label created by the fashion designer, Donna Karan in 1989, and it is also the name of a clothing store in New York city where Donna Karan’s associated line is sold..

Now, DKNY products have expanded to jeans, accessories, underwear, shoes, baby clothing and menswear.

To celebrate the FaBuLouS New YeAr 2010 ..SMH brings you "HeLLOooo 2010~ " >> "Lets FaLL in LoVe with CoLouRs of DKNY~"

Special Preview on DKNY merchandise which will be publish in SMH web ~ :)

Cool DKNY signature Graphic Tee~ :)

FabuLous colors of DKNY SQuaRe DiaL WatcHes~ :)

DKNY merchandise will be publish from 9pm
tonight (8/01/2010) .. :)

StaY TuNe and Grab it FaST to own it ~ !! :)
LeTs start our FabuLouS year 2010 with CoLors of DKNY~ :)
*wink wink*.

SMH (^^)/

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