Saturday, January 16, 2010

"HeLLOooo 2010~!!" Contest : "I wish..I wish..I wish.." results update :)

HeAr Ya..HeaR YA..~ !!!

"HeLLOooo 2010~!!" Contest :
"I wish..I wish..I wish.." : Winners update~ :)

We have received sooo many creative entries for this contest ~ :) THANK YOU ~!! :)

As token of appreciation, ALL participats have won discount E-Coupon from us~ :) yes..we mean ALL participats :)
You will receive the discount E-Coupon via email with details from us~

It was definitely a TOUGH decision to make as there were many creative entries ..
We have decided that not only 1..there will be 5 winners instead~ :)

our 1st winner is Sab :)

You have won COACH Flower keyfob ..

our 2nd winner is Ms.DZ :)

You have won COACH Signature keyfob..


Kindly contact us with your full name, full shipping address and
contact so we can despatch your gift soon~

Stay tuned as 3 more winners will be announced by today :)

It might be you .. :)
Thank you all for your participation ~:)


Your Madly,
SMH (^^)/

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