Monday, August 31, 2009

SMH Merdeka Event : "Offer SMH YouR BeSt PriCe" :)

Hear Ya .. Hear Ya..!!! :)

Holla beloved SMH friends,

SMH Merdeka Event : "Offer SMH YouR BeSt PriCe" is ON..!!

How it works?

1- Choose an item

2- Email us your best price with email Subject : Best Price Item XX

3- We'll email you to inform whether you are the current winner or your offer have been outbid
4- If u're the highest bidder during the closing time ----> you are the WINNER!!...YEAY! :)
** We will state closing date of each item ..
5 - Make immediate payment within 48 hours
** Immediate payment within 48 hours is required and NO installment is allowed for items won during "SMH Merdeka event ..
** If you failed to remit the payment within 48 hours, the items will be surrendered to next highest offer :)

6 - We will ship you bag immediately and you would receive it within 2 working days ~

Have FuN Ladies~

Selamat Hari Merdeka, Happy Independence Day to all Malaysians.


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