Sunday, July 12, 2009

SMH Contest : "TakE a PiC and GraB ThaT COACH~ "

HeAr Ya ..HeaR Ya~ !!

SMH Contest : "TakE a PiC and GraB ThaT COACH~ " have arrived~ :)

All you need to do is 3 pretty simple steps :)

1 - Take a picture with the merchandise that you have purchase from SMH ..
2 - Leave a description/caption for that shot :)
** The most creative and catchy caption will WIN~

3 - Email us the pic+caption with subject "SMH Contest: "TakE a PiC and GraB ThaT COACH~ "
** Unlimited entries.. :) you may send an many entries you want~ hehe
**SMH reserved the rights to all the pictures submitted :)

Who are entitle to participate ?
Our SMH friends~ who have purchased from SMH.. :)

Prize ??
1 Coach Merchandise, 1 LC merchandise and 1 Nine West Merchandise up for grabs for 3 lucky SMH winners ...

Closing date
30th July 2009, and the winner will be announced on 1st August 2009 :)

Have fun ladies~


Yours Madly,
- SMH - (^^)/

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