Tuesday, June 16, 2009

SMH GiveAway..and the WINNER is..

HeaR Ya HeaR Ya~
Holla SMH Friends :)
We held SMH GiveAway contest which ended on 15/6/09..
up for grab was
Victoria's secret Dream Angels Heavenly perfume purse spray & Beauty Rush lip gloss ~ :)

We would like to THANK YOU to all those who have participated.
We must say it was a TOUGH decision to make as there were many creative and great reason given by our SMH Friends.. :)

But after a hard time deciding, we have finally chose a winner.
and the WINNER is..

1. yesterday, my lil boy made a 'floor painting
mural' using my newly purchased MAC lipgloss! sooooo, thats gonna make me have
to win this!

2. my perfume just a few drop less, baru
terfikie2 beli VS range, coz i tak pernah guna VS nyer product, but ramai my
friends says that VS nyer perfume amat sexy & fresh

3. my 30th birhday is on june 10th, (2 days
ago!).. its a good belated birthday present for me!

4. i'm a loyal viewer of SMH sales blog's site
(seriously, every 2-3 times i browse ur page!) addicted!

5. i bought my first 'C' bag from

6. i'm planning to buy 'C' tote bag from SMH
(tengah simpan duit dlm tabung ayam nih!) since they offer the best price dr
banyak2 sales blog yg ada!


Kindly contact us with your full name, full shipping address and contact so we can despatch your gift soon.

To the rest, do not fret, more SMH CONTEST COMING UP SOON !!!

Thank you all for your participation :)


Your Madly,

SMH (^^)/

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