Friday, March 20, 2009

Item# 100 NWT - Liz-Claiborne-All-About-Cool Hobo bag

NWT - Liz-Claiborne-All-About-Cool Hobo bag - "SOLD OUT "
Selling price : RM285.00 (Price including S&H)

Gorgeous and spacious bag~!!!


Bag Approx dimension:16" x 12"
Gorgeous and spacious bag~!!!
Single shoulder strap 12" hobo bag
Snapped button closure
Interior 2 wall pocket and zippered compartment

  1. Janet Lim- Sold (23/03/2009)
  2. Lela - SOLD ( 14/04/2009 )


  1. my colleague is interested in the bag. so i'm booking the bag on behalf of her. she passed me the Rm50 booking money tomorrow and i'll bank in to u... bestnya shopping untuk orang!!! i get the joy of shopping for people...! wuahaha

  2. Dear Aura,

    Thanks for your comment..
    Sorry dear..this item baru je reserved by another customer>> Lela..

    But, if you're still intrested..I'll ask from US whether they can re-stock for this item..

    Do let me know ya..

    Thank you..

    Yours Madly..
    -Shop-Me-Holic's -


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